Life is…

…like walking on a road that never seems to end.

You walk and you walk and you walk, yet it feels as if you’re getting nowhere, even though you’ve walked for miles and you’re so tired you feel like you can’t walk anymore.

Sometimes, the scenery is captivating and you find yourself eagerly looking at what’s coming round the bend, so the walk feels effortless. But sometimes, you get rained on. Or, worse still, a car zips by a puddle of water and you get splashed in the face.

If you’re lucky, you get some nice people walking with you, like your friends or family. If you’re really lucky, you get a friend for life, or some may call it, a life partner. But if you’re really, really lucky, you get to piggy back on a partner. But I digress.

Your walking buddies though, it never lasts – partners may leave you for another, friends may come and go, even your own family may desert you in times of need. Then of course, there is death. Unavoidable, unexpected, we lose people whom we love to the hands of fate, and then we’re back to walking alone again.

Where does the road lead? Some say to heaven, some, hell. One thing for sure is, we’ll never know, until we come to the end of the road ourselves.

The road is long and hard, full of twists and turns, ups and downs. Yet, we have to keep going, no matter how hard it is, no matter how pointless it all seems to be. One foot over the other. Step by step. Mile by mile. Day by day.

And then one day, you’ll find that you’ve reached your destination, and in one fell swoop, ready to start walking all over again.


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