The Treasure

by Penelope Dinsmore

“Then the One, that was hidden in the shell,
Was born through the force of fiery torment.
From it there arose in the beginning love,
Which is the germ and the seed of knowledge.
The wise found the root of being in not-being
By investigating the impulses of the human heart”

Sharing this beautiful piece of art by Penelope Dinsmore, taken from her book, The Treasure That Came Into The World to Find Its Self, which tells of her journey of self discovery and transformation.

A trained painter with an interest in analytical psychology, Penelope has spent years exploring her innerworld with the help of Dr. Joseph Henderson, a Jungian analyst. Her story really resonated with me and I hope someone out there would benefit from it as well.

In the beginning there was no love of the kind I now know is possible. It just was not there. There is no blame for that. My parents accepted what they got and did the best they could, living in the wild twenties followed by the depression and World War 2. My father was a well known Maine artist who was married five times. My mother turned to alcohol for help.

Mother’s mother was an accomplished painter. I grew up in an aesthetic atmosphere. There was not a great deal of feeling. Dr. Henderson explains this kind of surrounding in his book Cultural Attitudes in Psychological Perspective.

“Marriage is a brutal reality,” I remember Jung saying. By the time I was 40, I had had three marriages, three divorces and three children. I had traveled from the East to the West coast, living five years in between in Aspen, Colorado, where I flew a plane, drove fast cars, had my own ski hill, and no love. I have been married now for thirty-eight years. Love, real love has come slowly, slowly with great difficulty. Art and dreams and Jungian psychology have made this possible. That is my experience. That is what I know.”

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