“House” cleaning

So I’m starting a liver and gallbladder flush today. I’ve always had problems with my digestion and have experienced fatigue* every now and then, so when I stumbled upon this liver cleanse I thought I’d give it a try.

The premise of the flush is…

“The liver is responsible for processing, converting, distributing and maintaining the body’s fuel supply which consists of nutrients and energy. Impeding these vital functions not only affects the body’s performance as a whole, but also the health of every single cell. The liver cannot perform any of these functions properly if its bile ducts are clogged with deposits of hardened bile or ‘gallstones’ (made of gall or bile).”

“Gallstones are caused by a number of factors, including the modern fast pace of living, stress, imbalanced diets, disruptive lifestyle, use of medical drugs, stimulants and alcohol, and ingestion of chemical poisons, such as food additives and artificial sweeteners. Bile duct congestion results in major impairment of digestive functions, thereby reducing the nutrient supply to the trillions of cells in the body. This makes gallstones in the liver a major cause of physical and emotional illness.”

So this is how it works, briefly:
1) Day 1 – 5
Drink a litre of apple juice a day, preferably on an empty stomach in between meals (and not immediately before or after a meal).

You can drink it throughout the day, doesn’t have to be finished in one sitting. And no fasting required.

2) Day 6 – Actual cleanse
Continue with the apple juice, but no food should be consumed after 2pm. You may have a light breakfast and lunch (For breakfast, oatmeal is advised. For lunch, something like steamed veggies with rice).

At 6pm and 8pm, drink a solution of Epsom salts (see pdf link for details).

At 10pm, the actual cleanse begins – Mix half a cup of olive oil and half a cup of lemon juice (or oranges or grapefruit if you prefer), shake well and drink it all in. Then you lie down and wait.

Apparently this is when you start to get bowel movements and if all goes  well, you should see happy little gallstones in the toilet bowl, released at last from the prison that is your liver :]

*If you are experiencing any of the following, you might wanna try it out:

“Skin irritation, weak eyesight, unhealthy bowel movements, recurring headaches, unexplainable weight gain, loss of energy, sudden aging, elevated cholesterol levels, most allergies, constricted blood vessels, bloated abdomen, water retention, gastrointestinal trouble, breathing difficulties, poor memory and concentration, pain in the joints or elsewhere in the body, brittle bones, and any major illness such as heart disease, cancer, MS, diabetes or Alzheimer’s.”

**The cleanse sounds easy enough but there might be one tiny problem – colon cleanse is strongly advised before and after the liver flush, so please take this into account if you’re going to try this.

Credit and links:
Does Your Liver Need an Overhaul? The Importance of Liver Flushing or Liver Cleansing

How To Do The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush — Andreas Moritz

A how-to article on the liver cleanse


2 thoughts on ““House” cleaning

  1. […] After my first attempt at the flush last month, I’m now the wiser and feel more confident, especially as I’ve been cleaning my colon out, properly, with the help of my colon hydrotherapist. Burnt a hole in my pocket, but so worth it. Got a lot of worms and other unidentified things out (yep, I’ve been going through my poo with a stick. Fun!). Oh, I also passed a few stones here and there, from the first flush, so they did get stuck on their way out.  Suffice to say, I’d be wary of doing any flushes without cleaning out my colon now. […]


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