Liver Flush – Final Day & the Aftermath

So I finally did the liver flush and it went well. Well, sort of.

The good news is, I got a lot of stones out, about 300 – 500 I think. The bad news is, I had a “complication” after the flush – constipation.

I actually felt great right after the flush (a little tired, but I felt a sense of wellbeing and… peace). The nightmare came later, which I think was triggered by the food I ate on the day after the flush – I had a peanut butter sandwich and I guess this triggered my gallbladder to produce more bile, thereby pushing more stones out and these guys got stuck in the colon. And so I became constipated for a few days, my stomach became so big I looked 6 months pregnant. I drank some Epsom salt solution and it helped a little (it’s a laxative so I did manage to have bowel movement), but I was still bloated…

…and so I decided to get a colon hydrotherapy* done. Thankfully, that solved the problem.

Regardless, I’m really happy with the results and I’m planning on doing another flush in a few weeks time. After the flush, I noticed that my tummy became flatter, I had more energy and most remarkably, I thought my mind became clearer.

I still have a long way to go, since the recommendation is to flush until you don’t see anymore stones coming out (about 6 – 8 times, depending on individual). But the benefits really make the whole thing worthwhile**.

I did have another, err… notable, experience doing the flush. I remember having another “emotional release” during the pre-flush day (if you remember, I talked about this in my previous post), this time involving a very old friend and high school sweetheart. It was really weird because we only dated for a while in high school and have remained good friends ever since (though not particularly close), and I have not seen him in a long time.

So, that makes two cases of emotional healing involving exes. Anymore and I might just name this, The Flush of Boyfriend Past.

Til the next flush, I’ve signed up for a series of colon hydrotherapy session (it’s awesome y’all!), but that’s for another post. I’m gonna make my exit now #pun (right, I’ll show myself to the door).

*Strictly speaking, you are supposed to clean out your colon thoroughly (via colon hydrotherapy, colema or enema) before and after the flush, but having read that some people have had successful flushes without one, I decided to forego that. Oh and my mom, who did the flush with me, didn’t have any issues at all post-flush, despite getting a lot of stones out too. So it really depends on the individual I’d say.

**Not that it was difficult to begin with, the only thing I found hard to deal with was the nausea that comes after drinking the olive oil and lemon juice mixture (which by itself was really delicious). IIRC this is because when you ingest the olive oil, your gallbladder gets prompted to produce a lot of bile so you can flush out the stones, but if your colon is congested, the bile gets pushed back up (so again, clean your colon before doing the flush).


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