Liver Flush, Round II


Starting my first day of liver flush today, drinking lots of yummy apple juice.

After my first attempt at the flush last month, I’m now the wiser and feel more confident, especially as I’ve been cleaning my colon out, properly, with the help of my colon hydrotherapist. Burnt a hole in my pocket, but so worth it. Got a lot of worms and other unidentified things out (yep, I’ve been going through my poo with a stick. Fun!). Oh, I also passed a few stones here and there, from the first flush, so they did get stuck on their way out.  Suffice to say, I’d be wary of doing any flushes without cleaning out my colon now.

Aaaaand for those of you who are wondering why there’s an image of a moon on the top of the post, instead of something like a liver or pictures of my stones from the first flush (I doubt you’d want to see it but I do have em. Just sayin.), the full moon has been traditionally associated with cleansing and letting go (pun unintended) of things that no longer serves us. So I thought it’s quite apt, since it’ll be the full moon tomorrow. Plus, it’s pretty.

Stay safe guys, there be werewolves out there.

Credits: Photo by Thinkstock


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