Cluckity cluck

I saw a couple of chickens the other day in my neighbourhood and it was interesting to observe their behaviour.

It was a family of three – a rooster, a mama hen and another hen – and they were walking around on the grass, pecking at the dirt for grub. What I found interesting was that the rooster was keeping an eye on hen #2, who was walking around about a few feet away. She was exploring the neighbourhood, looking up occasionally, peering into my neighbour’s house at one point. And everywhere she went, the rooster was never far behind.

Meanwhile, mama hen was just walking around with her chicks, pecking away at the ground, just doing her own thang. It’s funny to watch them go about their business because the chicks would run around and wherever they go, mama hen follows. Kinda like humans, doncha think? XD

Intrigued by this observation, I took to the great tube to search for more information and it came up with, The Private Life of Chickens. It started off slow and I had half the mind to switch to something more interesting, but then the story of Llyod the Reluctant Cockerel piqued my interest and I managed to finish the hour-long documentary.

So if you have an hour to kill, give it a go. It even manages to extract a chuckle out of me so this deserves 4.7 out of 5 clucks, at the very least.


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