Hands down, the best water purifier ever

TIL you can purify water with sunlight.

From an article on Modern Survival Blog:

A clear plastic bottle filled with water, exposed to the sun for 6 hours will make the water safe to drink (see the caveat list). In fact, the effectiveness of terminating harmful bacteria is an amazing 5-Nines, that is, 99.999 percent!

This is really interesting. I mean, imagine the implications of this. I think there’s more you can clean /disinfect using the same method, thereby reducing the need for commercial /store bought detergent.

I’ve often wondered how the people before “modern times” lived. In particular, how did they survive in times before humans invented detergent /cleaning products that we now use daily?

Read more about purifying water with sunlight



1) Chlorine in water would also break down if exposed to sunlight for a certain amount of time, someone in the comments section in the article has tested /tasted water “purified” this way and apparently, it “tastes good, like what I remember it tasted like when I was a child.”

2) The water purified in sunlight has been tested in a lab and surprise, surprise, here’s the result:

There is a great show on the Blaze called Independence USA. It’s a reality show about this family that does survival planning and are trying to become self sufficient. They set up a rain water collection system to get water for their garden and to drink. Obviously, they were concerned with how to purify it for drinking. They used this very method. They built a lean to with shiny corrugated aluminum. The bottles stacked up quite neatly on the aluminum. The interesting part was that they actually sent samples of the raw rain water and the purified rain water to be tested. They also had their well water tested. The water that was unpurified had multiple types of dangerous bacteria in it, but the water that was purified had 0 bacteria left in it. By the way, the water that was purified by this method was even cleaner than their well water.


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