Chicken Update

It’s been over a month since my last chicken post and the chicks have grown much. They’re now about the size of a small kitten and no longer require mommy’s constant supervision when out foraging, so they pretty much run around like hooman kids now.

Interestingly, mommy and daddy are seen foraging closer together. This is strange, because the rooster has switched his interest from hen #2 (the Single Hen) to hen #1 (Mama Hen), from back when I first observed them. He seems to be keeping a close eye on her while she just pecks onward, going wherever she likes. And wherever she goes, the rooster is never far behind.

Stranger still, is the fact that the other hen is missing. I wonder if she has gone on to Bird Heaven or just happened to be busy. Like, really really busy, because I haven’t seen her around the last two times I checked.

The mystery continues. Stay tuned for the big reveal.


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