I’ve always wondered how the ancients brushed their teeth.

When I found this article at Cure Tooth Decay, I decided to never buy toothpaste* again. And now, just a bit more research before I find the evidence to ditch the toothbrush once and for all…

How Did the Ancient Greeks Clean Their Teeth?

Before the toothbrush was invented, many cultures invented their own ways to clean the teeth. Ancient Greeks and Romans were said to use toothpicks to pick particles of food out of their teeth. Without the use of commercial toothpastes and toothbrushes, the people during this time still managed to maintain optimal dental health. How is this possible? The truth is, the amount of tooth decay a person experiences has little to do with dental hygiene and everything to do with the type of diet you consume.

Read more at How Did the Ancient Greeks Clean Their Teeth?


¹ Tip: Use baking soda or salt instead.

² The reason I don’t want to buy toothpaste is not only because I’m cheap, but also because fluoride (and other stuff) in the toothpaste is actually harmful for your teeth, making your teeth more brittle. Hmm… [puts on tinfoil hat]


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