Chicken Update #2

If you recall, in my previous chicken post, mama hen has been MIA for days so I was wondering what happened to her. She could have been someone’s dinner, for all I know, but somewhere deep in my heart I was secretly hoping she was just busy sitting on a bunch of eggs. Mama hens are a dedicated lot and generally do not leave their eggs unattended for long, lest the chicks don’t hatch properly.

And now, after a month long wait, the suspense is over – An eyewitness* spotted mama hen, a.k.a. hen #1 (whom I shall henceforth name Betty, since she is “blonde” like Betty from the Archie’s comics, and the other hen has black feathers so she’s Veronica), out and about with baby chicks!

And so, the chicken lives, for another day. Applause all around, please.

*My mom


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